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Autographa 2.0

Designed and built open-source, translation and publishing tools for mother tongue translators worldwide. The main focus was on designing state-of-the-art, free software that was easy to use for any one, with or without a technology background. This open source technology design allowed for a continual upgrading and customizing of the application from outside users and brought about further ease for on-boarding new translators.

Barclays Project

Team 6 People

  • 2 Project Managers
  • Project Designer & Engineer
  • 2 Front-End Engineers
  • 3 Back-End Engineers
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Engineer
  • QA Engineer


Translation software


Tech Stack

  • Electron
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Parse
  • Post CSS
  • Tailwind
  • Jest
  • CI/CD


successful launch




THE problem

With the release of v1.0, users feedback was that the overall user experience was difficult and it took too much time to onboard/learn the technology. Users loved the idea of the application, but were unable to truly use it to its fullest capacity and did not have capabilities to upload when offline. Additionally, the design of the app was not streamlined due to the “add as you go” mentality when originally building it out, and therefore all the components did not work together as they could.

THE solution

In v2.0, the main focus was to increase the user experience and on-boarding for new users by taking all the new features and redesigning them to flow/work together as users were on-boarded and updates were made. There was also a push to add advanced features that were forward thinking in a plug & play format, allowing for faster and smoother future additions to the technology. Users were greatly impacted by the new format and the retention of users greatly improved with their satisfaction.

The Process

User Flows & Wireframes
UI & Visual Design
Front-End Development
Back-end & APIs
Data Cleaning & Transformation
QA & Testing
Deploy & Launch

The impact

Found that v2.0 greatly increased the ease of use for mother tongue translators and increased the apps usability and overall impact.

better ux

With the new version, the opportunity was afforded to take user feedback and to grow the design based on what they mother tongue translators needed/desired based on their experience. This newer version incorporated many critical features and allowed for a much greater ease of use for all accessing this technology.

streamlined development

In the effort to create a more user friendly app, the technology was streamlined and all components were made into a format that not only flowed together better, but afforded us the ability to organize and maintain the code with less effort- allowing for a more streamlined process of development.

100% positive feedback

Created an easy to find feedback tool within the app that allowed for real time understanding of user satisfaction as well as yielding real time bug fixes. Additionally, we collected feedback through these means in order to build a better 2.0 version.

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We are a diverse & multidisciplinary team spread across different time zones.


StartupsNGOSmall Business
  • 2-4 Weeks
  • Usability Heuristics
  • Design Prototype
  • Technology Consultation
  • Low/No Code Solutions


StartupsSmall Business
  • 6-12 Weeks
  • Product Roadmap
  • UX Design
  • Usability Heuristics
  • Design Prototyping
  • Technology Architecture
  • Product Engineering
  • MVP


  • >16 Weeks
  • Product Roadmap
  • UX Design
  • Usability Heuristics
  • Design Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • Technology Architecture
  • Product Engineering
  • Mobile App Development
  • QA & Maintenance
  • Growth Strategy
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We are a remote, distritubed, multidisciplinary team. Located in different time zones.