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Bag Innovation

Designed and built a web solution to address the lack of work experience in the young, growing African job market. This product enabled students to build their portfolio as they completed experience based programs in the app- either ones of interest to them, or those tagged by specific employers in order to qualify for working at their company. As these programs were completed, students gained insight into what jobs in certain fields may look like, gained necessary skills to be ready to start those jobs, and employers gained insight into the performance of possible future interns.

Barclays Project

Team 5 People

  • Product Manager
  • Project Designer
  • 1 Front-End Engineer
  • 4 Back-End Engineers
  • 1 Infrastructure & Cloud Engineer




1 year

Tech Stack

  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Post CSS
  • Tailwind
  • Jest
  • CI/CD


successful launch




THE problem

With the growing population demand for work in Africa, and a lacking skill development system to prepare young talent for work, a need was exposed for easy to use, accessible technology to allow future employees to gain the skills and insight needed to be ready for the skilled workforce.

THE solution

Creation of an easy to sign up & use database and resume builder to help future employees gain access to tasks and experiences that would prepare them for the workforce and also expose them to future employees. The system is multi-step, in that the users first build a profile and resume, they complete mandatory training tasks for on-boarding and then they select, either based on interest or based on suggestions from an employer they are interested in, different tasks or experiences (bundles of tasks) to help build their resume. As they complete them, they are ranked based on proficiency of completion and it becomes a part of their resume. The employers have their own database that accesses the resumes from the talent and can further pursue hiring.

The Process

User Flows & Wireframes
UI & Visual Design
Front-End Development
Back-end & APIs
Data Cleaning & Transformation
QA & Testing
Deploy & Launch

The impact

Found that v2.5 greatly increased the ease of use for future employees and increased the apps usability and overall impact within the workforce.

new back end and front end architecture

Re-created the back end code to move away from the previous lacking framework and toward new architecture that would enable developers to create modular components as advances were made. This new style of architecture enables easier maintenance, documentation and future additions.

redesign the user experience

As v1.0 grew and features were added, the UX became more complex and bulky- leading to difficulty for the mother tongue translators to use/understand. A redesign was built based on feedback from users, leading to a simplification of the features, a better flow of how the features work together and ultimately decreasing the time/difficulty of learning to use the technology.

advanced features

Based on user feedback from v1.0, new features were prioritized and created to allow for forward thinking of the app. New features were componentized into a plug-play format, which allows for a continuation of new features to be built and added without creating difficulty of on-boarding.

offline & online cloud

A creation of 2 modes for this app- an online and offline mode, where users can continue to use and sync offline, but where the online mode allows for access to the cloud- leading to real time features including collaboration, syncing translation, user comments and user information.

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We are a diverse & multidisciplinary team spread across different time zones.


StartupsNGOSmall Business
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  • Design Prototype
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  • Low/No Code Solutions


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  • 6-12 Weeks
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  • QA & Maintenance
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We are a remote, distritubed, multidisciplinary team. Located in different time zones.