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Freedom Prayer App

Designed and built a central, unified digital platform for prayer. This app was designed with the purpose of creating a distraction free, prayer environment that could both encourage people to pray more, as well as enable users to interact with the app and others using the app by providing a platform for comments, encouragement, bible verses, etc. This app housed a central location for prayers to be posted across the movement, but also a place where campuses could manage their own prayers, as well as individual users manage theirs.

Barclays Project

Team 6 People

  • Project Manager
  • Project Designer & Engineer
  • 2 Mobile Engineers
  • Back-End Engineers
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Engineer
  • QA Engineer




Tech Stack

  • ReactNative v1.0
  • NodeJS
  • REST API v1.0
  • Flutter v2.0
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase
  • Firestore
  • O Auth


successful launch




  • Mobile application

THE problem

Community prayer in its current digital form is decentralized, disconnected, and lacking in focus & community. Digital prayer typically has been done through emails and messages, which can be distracting and not streamlined. Additionally, digital prayer does not typically reach an entire community, especially when church movements are scattered across the globe. Larger church planting movements can lack unity due to location differences, creating gaps in the movement and missing out on the unifying effects of prayer.

THE solution

This church movement commissioned the creation of a mobile app that can usher prayer into the next era of technology. This app not only communicates global prayer points and uses features to simplify what is being prayed for with focus and simplicity, but also tracks time and allows for comments on those prayer points. Beyond the global dashboard, a local page for each church location and a personal page were created to ensure a diverse opportunity for prayer within the church community. Additional features such as habit trackers, personal stats, notifications and direct feedback to the developer team have allowed for a dynamic use and ease of adoption of this technology.

The Process

User Flows & Wireframes
UI & Visual Design
Front-End Development
Back-end & APIs
Data Cleaning & Transformation
QA & Testing
Deploy & Launch

The impact

Freedom Church found the v1.0 to be an incredible asset to the community and to increasing the power of prayer among the movement. They re-engaged our expertise to create a v2.0 with additional features.

high user engagement

In v2.0, better UX for habit tracking stats, cross campus access to prayer points and cross campus comments led to a large increase in engagement of the app. With additional features, our app engagement statistics showed a large increase from version to version.

simple ux, prayer management

A streamlining of prayer posting, moderating content and comments by delegating roles to different users enabled campuses to take more responsibility in their own prayer management, creating an increasing in use and UX. Additionally, a simplified 1 button system enabled new users to have better ease of on-boarding when starting out on the app- allowing for increased user retention.

direct user feedback

Created an easy to find feedback tool within the app that allowed for real time understanding of user satisfaction as well as yielding real time bug fixes. Additionally, we collected feedback through these means in order to build a better 2.0 version.

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We are a diverse & multidisciplinary team spread across different time zones.


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We are a remote, distritubed, multidisciplinary team. Located in different time zones.